Introducing Frigiliana

Frigiliana, "the pearl of Axarquia", is one of the last whitewashed villages of Andalucia, just six kilometers above Nerja, in the foothills overlooking the Mediterranean coast. Frigiliana dates from prehistoric times.

The village has been inhabited by numerous civilizations, from the Phoenicians and Romans to the Arabs, who had the greatest impact on the town's development. During the Christian reconquest, Frigiliana was the site of numerous battles culminating in the famous battle of the Rock of Frigiliana in 1569, which ended in the complete expulsion of the Moorish people.

One can learn the history of this struggle by walking through the streets of the historic section, where there are series of twelve ceramic plaques posted about which explain the entire story. It is especially of interest that much of the historic section was built from the rocks of the pillaged Arab castle.

The whitewashed houses and the many popular architectural features like the parapets, courtyards, and waterworks, are very much in the Moorish tradition. This tradition, along with the general cleanliness of the town, has led to the sweet nickname given to the inhabitants "Aguanosos" or People Of The Water. In all, Frigiliana and its properties have a unique character and charm.

The town has a very good range of small shops, bars and excellent restaurants and of course its own fiestas, concerts, carnivals and religious celebrations