Introducing Torrox

The municipality of Torrox consists of two villages differentiated as; Torrox Village and Torrox Costa. Torrox village is very pretty with brilliant white-walled houses clinging to the steep slope on which the town is built. Some 4 km inland from its coastal offshoot and 10 km west of Nerja. Historically, Torrox reached the height of its prosperity during the Moorish period due to its role in the silk trade between Granada and Near Eastern cities such as Baghdad and Damascus. 126 m. high and sheltered from the Northern winds by the mountains of Tejeda, Torrox is proud of its denomination as the place with the best climate in Europe. 
Still untouched by tourist development here you can truly appreciate the Spanish way of life and have unmatched mountain and sea views. In Torrox you can find popular architecture such as the Moorish Quarter and wine and raisin presses and interesting industrial architecture such as the Sugar Factory.Try some of its gastronomic specialities, such as "espetos of sardines", "migas cortijeras", fresh anchovies or "papas a lo pobre", enhancing the taste of any of them with the famous local wines.

The coastal strip, known as Torrox Costa, is particularly popular with holidaymakers who flock here during the summer, due to beautiful and well-kept beaches with a total length of 9 km and a choice of hotels and self - catering accommodation available. Torrox Costa is also the site of the remains of a Roman necropolis and villa located immediately west of the lighthouse.